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What is Garbh Sanskar?

According to ancient Indian scriptures Multiplication of Virtues & Division of Defects is called 'Sanskar'. Good deeds done in repetitive action in such a way that it becomes your nature. This is the process of imparting Sanskars. Now the question arises 'What is garbh sanskar?'

Garbh Sanskar means to impart virtues, values and 'Sanskar' in the unborn baby in the womb during the period of pregnancy. As pregnancy is the stage where the basic building blocks of a child’s mental neural structure is laid down. This is the most decisive stage, deciding the child’s health, behaviour, nature and almost his entire future.

Giving birth to a ‘Sanskarit’ child depends on two things:

1)    Prarabdh: Deeds of our previous birth.

2)    Purusharth: Efforts done in this birth to impart virtues in child.

Unfortunately, we have no control over ‘Prarabdh’, but we can certainly impart Sanskars in our child with ‘Purusharth’. The Whole process of Garbhsankar revolves around this ‘Purusharth’’ of Father, Mother & Family Members.

Take an example of a mathematics student. A student can be a good mathematician if, firstly, he has a good mathematical brain (Prarabdh). Secondly and more importantly the way he has been groomed and poured his brain, heart, soul & concise into mathematics right from his childhood (Purusharth). Thus, to become a great mathematician one has to have a mathematical brain and the grooming from childhood.

GarbhSanskar Benefits

Before discussing the benefits of Garbh Sanskar we must understand that it is a science as well as an art. The process of Garbh Sanskars starts the moment a couple decides to bring a progeny into this world. An optimum level of physical, mental & spiritual health should be achieved in order to invite a divine soul to a spiritually & physically healthy womb to grow in. During the period of pregnancy, the father & mother should understand their responsibilities to provide the unborn child an atmosphere that imbibes positivity, confidence, health & brilliance in the baby such that these qualities become second nature to the child. By doing so, after birth, the child would adapt to the virtues taught by the parents on a much deeper level & faster. Such children are emotionally more attached to their parents and shine through their sheer health, brilliance & intelligence.

It is true that you can program a child right during pregnancy as per your desired qualities. But today’s fast-paced lifestyle and blind race for materialistic possessions have made us turn our eyes from this wonderful ancient science.

How to Do Garbh Sanskar at Home

Now you know what is garbh sanskar and what are the benefits of garbh sanskar, now you might be wondering how to do garbh sanskar at home?

A crisp and concise answer to this query would be to simply download Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar App on your mobile and enroll yourself in the online garbh sanskar course prepared by Doctors, IItians, Ved paathi brahamins & garbh sanskar acharyas. Click the link to take a free demo now:

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