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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to start with Krishna Coming GarbhSanskar?

To start using Krishna Coming Garbhsanskar, you need to simply download ‘Krishna Coming’ mobile application on your android device from the playstore. After installing the application just enter your basic details on the app for the free trial. After the free demo, to access full content you can select a premium plan to continue using it as per your pregnancy stage.

Can I use Krishna Coming on my laptop or desktop computer?

I am in the 5th month of my pregnancy; am I too late to start GarbhSanskar with Krishna Coming?

What if I don’t know my or my husband’s date of brith or time of birth, will it hamper effects of personal isht mantra?

What if I miss one episode and skip directly to next month?

Are Krishna Coming sessions safe?

What if I am just planning a baby & not pregnant yet, how can Krishna Coming help me?

How many times should I watch each episode?

What if I have any question or concern regarding the program?

Can my colleague/friend use my account for her pregnancy?

What if I am not able to pronounce the mantras?

Can I download the music and other content on my personal device?

What if my pregnancy exceeds 9 months, are there any extra episodes for that?

What if I want to cancel my subscription in the middle of my subscription period?

What is minimum mobile configuration for Krishna Coming?

What if I want to change my mobile device/ what if my mobile device is damaged, how can I restore my account on a different device?

What if I forgot password?

In which month is it advisable to start with Krishna Coming?

My gynecologist says I shouldn’t follow a particular advice/test told in Doctor’s corner episode?

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